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SRCD080 , SRDL080

'Mitate / Masahiko Takeda'

Expectation *for BIEST Exhibition & Performance
Turquoise *composed by Antti Hevosmaa & Masahiko Takeda
For Senchado *performed with Simon Erin & Fumi Takenouchi
IMAGES DU FUTUR *written by Théo Casciani, designed by Cléo Verstrepen
Pipeorgan Soundscape *featuring Vesa Hoikka
Soundscape for 'War Song and Love Song' *for Yuju Chen Exhibition

produce : Masahiko Takeda
textile : Shigeo Oohi, Yasuko Oohi
picture : Genta Hisada
artwork direction : Kosuke Kinoshita
support : Masayuki Nii
mastering : Ken'ichi Itoi

manufacturing : MTRL KYOTO