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'2011 / hakobune'

i discover i'm missing *i discover i'm missing (apollolaan recordings)
halfpace *words left behind on ashes (cassauna)
secondhand sunlight *shadows on the lawn (organic industries)
disappearing in the purple shades *i discover i'm missing (apollolaan recordings)
away from the lunar waters *away from the lunar waters (hibernate recordings)
afterglow *truth serum compilation (i, absentee)
shadow on the lawn *shadow on the lawn (organic industries)
between equinox *i discover i'm missing (apollolaan recordings)
the idea of full disclosure *words left behind on ashes (cassauna)
unending route *heath grass (still sleep)
off in the distance *november light (bridgetown records)

produce : Takahiro Yorifuji
mastering : Ken'ichi Itoi
photo : Fábio Petry
art direction : Ken'ichi Itoi